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Circuit-breaker, 1p, 80A EATON BZMC1-A80 131255

Наличие: Нет в наличии
Производитель: Eaton (Moeller)

Low-voltage industrial components (EG000017) / Power circuit-breaker for trafo/generator/installation prot. (EC000228)
Electric engineering, automation, process control engineering / Low-voltage switch technology / Circuit breaker (LV < 1 kV) / Circuit breaker for power transformer, generator and system protection (ecl@ss8.1-27-37-04-09 [AJZ716010])
Rated permanent current Iu   A 80
Rated voltage   V 415 - 415
Rated short-circuit breaking capacity lcu at 400 V, 50 Hz   kA 36
Overload release current setting   A 0 - 0
Adjustment range short-term delayed short-circuit release   A 0 - 0
Adjustment range undelayed short-circuit release   A 800 - 1200
Integrated earth fault protection     No
Type of electrical connection of main circuit     Screw connection
Device construction     Built-in device fixed built-in technique
Suitable for DIN rail (top hat rail) mounting     No
DIN rail (top hat rail) mounting optional     Yes
Number of auxiliary contacts as normally closed contact     0
Number of auxiliary contacts as normally open contact     0
Number of auxiliary contacts as change-over contact     0
Switched-off indicator available     No
With under voltage release     No
Number of poles     3
Position of connection for main current circuit     Front side
Type of control element     Rocker lever
Complete device with protection unit     Yes
Motor drive integrated     No
Motor drive optional     No
Degree of protection (IP)     IP20

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